With Apple Watch being released on April 24th, the long term success of Apple’s first new product line in five years is yet to be seen. However, with such a great reception on pre-order day and units now sold out until June, the future looks prosperous for the Apple Watch.

Forbes recently spoke to a variety of industry leading entrepreneurs, including Mubaloo’s chairman, Mark Mason, to see just what they thought about the Watch.

Of the 34 who answered, 16 said they would buy a watch, five said they would wait and see, and 13 said they weren’t interested. Of the 16 who would buy a watch, seven said they will be making the purchase because it is their business to know how the watch works, while many of the ‘wait and see’ category said they would probably buy a second generation Apple Watch if the first took off.

Mark said “As a mobile consultancy and enterprise app developer, we see many possibilities and opportunities for how Apple Watch can deliver value to users. I’m personally planning on buying the 38mm Apple Watch with stainless steel strap. It looks fantastic.”

To read the views of the other dynamic business owners and executives, see the full article on Forbes here.

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