Gartner’s Symposium ITxpo has kicked off with a bang today, with a day focused around innovation, leadership and exploring the changing world of IT.

Internet of Things has been hyped for a long time now, though according to Gartner, next year it is going to explode with a huge amount of investment.

We’ve already seen the number of devices being bought explode recently, though with this investment in Internet of Things, Gartner expects the number of devices to grow exponentially:

All of this begs some very good questions about the ever changing nature of business and how it will continue to shift over the coming years:

With this of course, is the need to consider how digital and physical businesses work in tandem. As we’ve been talking about for some time now, mobile is the enabler which is helping to merge the two.

Gartner’s research appears to point towards digital revenue increasing over the coming years:

As we discussed in our post earlier today, it is Algorithms that are driving the next shift:

As a result of more companies getting their heads around algorithms, Gartner predicts that this will also see a shift to ‘post-app’:

This will give rise to the new IT reality, with the digital mesh and smart machines:

In terms of Gartner’s predictions through to 2020, here is the rundown:

— Mubaloo (@Mubaloo) November 9, 2015


— Mubaloo (@Mubaloo) November 9, 2015

For the full list of predictions, check out Gartner’s article here.

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