Google Analytics is changing

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Expert Blog, News & Opinion | 0 comments

What is the change being made?

Google are closing down Google Analytics mobile-apps reporting and replacing it with Google Analytics for Firebase.


What and who will it impact?

This change will impact only customers who are using google analytics in an iOS or Android app. Standard web analytics will not change.

From 31st of October, no more data will be saved to Google Analytics for iOS or Android. Data will be available to view until 2020, after which it will be deleted.

If any given app is not updated before the 31st of October, it will continue to function without error, but analytics will no longer be available.

Further detail is available here


What will I gain?

  • Firebase is a unified mobile app platform that comes with a whole suite of mobile app specific tools that will be available once the new sdk is installed.
  • Built specifically for app behaviour and comes with default app-specific event tracking eg, first open.


What will I lose?

  • All historical GA data will be lost unless it is exported to another platform, meaning you lose basic capability for YoY reporting etc.
  • Much more limited built-in reporting


Will it affect customers/users to an app?

Changes to GA won’t pose any problems to users. Businesses who own/run/manage the apps will need to replace their analytics in order to maintain a continued understanding of user behaviour in a given app. This is essential to prioritise future enhancements and feature improvements.


What’s the way to minimise any impact?

Ensure any iOS / Android apps making use of the Google Analytics SDK are updated to use the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK before the end of October.


How can Mubaloo help customers with (mobile) analytics…whether they’re affected by the change or not?

To get the most value from your app, it’s important to understand how users / customers are currently using it. If we know how they are using it, it can help us achieve the app goal. For example, if we can identify frequently used areas that users / customers find valuable, we can change the user experience so that new users can find the value faster and avoid losing any new users. Or, if we can see high drop off areas, we can work out why and make changes to any potential journey blockers. By making the lives of our users / customers better, the app can really achieve its full value.  Mubaloo can help our customers with:

  • Reviewing KPIs to ensure that these are defined and measurable
  • Setting up tracking in Google Analytics for Firebase, ensuring that all events are tracked in the most effective way to allow measurement of KPIs
  • Setting up dashboards to view key metrics at a glance
  • Reviewing user behaviour to recommend optimisations based on identified areas of friction






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