Head of Android, Scott Bown, and Android Developer, Andy Barber, made their way to Google IO Extended 2012 London yesterday afternoon to hear the latest Google announcements. Below is their summary of Day 1 at Google IO.


• New Android 4.1 – Jelly Bean
• Nexus 7 tablet
• Google Glass


New version called Jelly Bean is Android 4.1 and is coming to Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus in mid July. SDK is out now.

New Nexus 7 tablet by Asus, should really see a surge in Android tablet sales especially with the great specs for a very good value price of £159.  Interestingly, Nexus 7 comes with Chrome as the default browser – hopefully we’ll see this on all smartphones soon.
C2DM is now Google Cloud messaging! Finally a fully featured push messaging service.
New PDK – platform developer kit that will be released to manufacturers several month before a new Android release to give them a headstart on putting it on to handsets, this should speed up upgrades.
Google Play store is trialing developers being able to respond to marketplace feedback. New recommend for you on Play widget will be available, similar to Apple’s genius recommendations.  Confirming some features previously announced subscription payments and magazines. Also, app updates for users now only download the part of the app that has changed instead of the whole thing as before. Great news for developers and users!
Jelly Bean highlights:
  • UI/framework optimizations (code named Butter) to make everything slick and smoother
  • Enhanced notifications – these look cool!  And some multi touch gestures to expand
  • Added slickness to widget placing
  • Clipboard can now maintain rich text formatting
  • New easy to use page load animations
  • Improved Voice search (getting very similar to Siri) – with offline mode!  Pretty cool
  • Google Now – an extension of google search can predict the data you want before you search based on location, previous searches, time. The example they gave was that Google now know how long it would take to get to a meeting given the traffic/public transport timetables and would remind you. “hey ,leave by 10:14 to make the 11:00 meeting on time”. This kind of creeped the hell out of me, Google know how much about me? –  I guess they know that already, at least now there’s an app so I can benefit from it.
  • Lots of support for new languages and locales, includes right to left
Other Google announcements:
  • Epic presentation of Google Glass!  – you need to watch it to believe the awesomeness
  • Nexus Q social media streamer looks great if you have lots of house parties and friends with Android devices.
  • Google plus events gives an easy way to arrange events but crucially share photos, videos in real time.
  • New Google maps API enhancements look great, in particular being able to get places reviews and draw vectors and paths.
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