We saw the launch of two new iPhones last night, as you will no doubt have read about. The colourful iPhone 5C has become the lifetime equivalent of where the 5 would have gone following the launch of the 5S. The 5C however, comes in a variety of new colours using a single piece of (very nice) plastic. It’s had a few tweaks here and there that make it slightly better than the iPhone 5 but is targeted as the mid-range device. The iPhone 5S is the new device aimed squarely at people who want the best iPhone available.
For the first time, this means that people who want an iPhone without forking out for the top of the range model, can buy one and it will still be a brand new device, rather than the year old version. As companies have started adopting iOS across their organisation, senior staff have been given the top of the range version while other employees have been handed older models. The 5C will likely be hugely popular and could even outsell the 5S in certain markets and in certain demographics.
The fact that the 5C is made out of polycarbonate could also mean that it’s slightly more resistant to the occasional drop compared with predecessors. It’s the perfect iPhone for people who want simplicity, affordability and the latest software. The fact that all new iOS devices also come with Apple’s (very good) iWork and iLife software is also a massive plus here. I’d go some way to wager that iOS 7 looks even better on the 5C than it does on any other iPhone.
The iPhone 5S is another beast entirely. This is the premium phone for those that care about security, speed and want a luxury device in their pocket. The 5S is the first iPhone to feature Apple’s new fingerprint technology – something we think will be hugely popular among the business community. No longer do you need to worry if someone is watching over your shoulder to see your pin, they can’t do anything to your phone without your fingerprint.
From unlocking your phone to downloading items from iTunes and the App Store, the 5S lets you do it all with the touch of a finger. This could potentially signal the way forward for mobile shopping experiences, but we’ve yet to hear anything official from Apple around this. Fingerprint technology has always been somewhat problematic in the past, unless attached to state of the art industrial equipment. Seeing as this is used to unlock the phone, we very much doubt Apple would include it if they weren’t confident about its capabilities.
The 5S is also the first iPhone to go to 64bits – something OSX only did a couple of years ago. There is no other way to put it, this phone is going to be fast. It’s going to be able to work on the fastest mobile networks available, play the most intensive games (with controllers) and let you speed through daily tasks and apps.
 Watch the iPhone 5S video
iOS 7 comes to a large amount of iOS devices as of 18th September, it is a truly beautiful operating system and one which we’ll be talking about next week. Pre-orders for devices open as of Friday. If you are on EE, the network has just announced a new swap programme that allows you to upgrade to a new device six months into your contract (by signing up for another two year term).
Are you excited about the new iPhones?
By Robert Haslam, PR/account manager

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