Back for its second day, Gartner’s Symposium ITxpo has been all about the Internet of Things, business intelligence through data collection and beacon technology.

MTR Crossrail’s Head of IT, Mark Daniels took to the stage for a CIO story session to demonstrate the role of mobile in transforming travel in London.

To read what Mark covered during his session, click here.

As discussed by Gartner’s Sondergaard yesterday, the number of connected things is going to increase with investments in the Internet of Things by organisations.

In the next few years, connected things are expected to increasingly support the idea of machine to machine connectivity.

According to Gartner’s David Cearly:

Connectivity will begin to transition from devices to connect humans through wearables and the improvement in AI.

Operations can become more intelligent by understanding and collecting the data around them to influence action.

Data allows companies to create contextual relevance for end users, however the focus on UX is paramount to a strategic use of technology.

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