As one of the largest pension scheme providers in the UK, delivering services to over 751 companies in the private and public sector, Equiniti is always looking for new ways to better serve its customers, and their employees.

Last year, this led Equiniti Pensions to make the decision to mobilise its offering, in order to deliver a more engaging experience, with better user control.

Equiniti chose to work with Mubaloo to decide how best to take its service and put it on mobile. The result of the work was Equiniti Compendia, a new app that launched this year for iOS and Android, designed to give employees better insight and access to their pension information.

This week, Richard Evans, Investment Editor of the Telegraph, looked into what Equiniti has done and the impact its had. We’ll have our own case study of the app up soon, but it’s worth checking out the article to see what Evans has to say.

Equiniti app

As Evans points out in his article, the effect of this is that people now have much more control over their pension information. They are able to see the impact of investments, look at forecasting and see how much their pension will be worth.

For us, mobile is about creating the right tools for people to use, when they need them. Apps can help us to make better informed decisions, by having direct access to information.

It is for this reason that many retailers have struggled to keep up – customers, with a smartphone, are able to find answers to questions retail assistants may not know. Armed with apps, or a mobile browser, we can find out information about why trains are delayed, or other routes that we can take.

We can get quick and easy access to financial information in seconds. See what the weather is going to do, street by street or find the best place to go for food, based on where we are.

It all boils down to knowing our mobile touchpoints – when is it that we reach for our phones for information? What is it that we need at that point in time?

Companies who answer these questions tend to excel with mobile. They are able to dramatically improve internal operations, channel relations and customer engagement.

In many ways, this is what mobile first is about – thinking about the ways in which an target audience could engage with you, and respond appropriately. API first takes this one step further to be about having the right foundations for rolling out mobile projects.

Companies, like Equiniti, who are masters of both, are the ones most likely to reap the benefits and leapfrog over their competitors.

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