In early November, Mubaloo’s Mibeacons division partnered with Microsoft, Guide Dogs, Future Cities Catapult and a consortium of other organisations to introduce ‘Cities Unlocked’. The project set out to help blind and visually impaired individuals easily navigate around urban areas.

Built around a Windows Phone app and jawbone conducting headset, the system uses cloud based GPS location and navigation data, with a network of beacons which feed information to the user. This headset uses vibrations to create a 3D soundscape that provides the user with contextually relevant information, depending on their location.

Sarah Weller, Mubaloo’s London Managing Director speaks about how this is just one example of how innovative technology can positively impact people’s lives.

As the industry continues to talk about smart offices, smart cities and smart homes, companies need to embrace the tools that already exist in terms of data, analytics and storage, to drive innovation and tap into the full potential of mobile.

Watch the full video below as Sarah discusses the importance of innovation.

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