Improving business processes remains the top goal for mobility, according to a survey of IT leaders recently released by enterprise app store provider, Apperian. In a close joint second, companies are also looking to mobility investments to help drive increased user satisfaction and competitive advantage.

The results of the survey demonstrate that mobility programs continue to be driven to make improvements across the business; highlighting the value mobile brings companies who have already implemented programs. Whilst this is promising news, the survey also uncovered a worrying finding, with over 50% of respondents not knowing if their apps are being used.

Beyond simply understanding whether mobility programs are working, if apps are going to be successful, it’s essential that companies utilise analytics to help them make improvements to apps. Companies risk wasting a large amount of money creating apps if they aren’t able to then understand whether they are being used, or whether the user experience is helping employees to save time.

Whilst this also means that around 50% of companies are taking the right approach; it’s not good enough in the market today. Companies should be insisting that analytics are included in apps. Those who fail to do so, or fail to review the analytics and implement changes based on data, are simply throwing money away.

The full findings from Apperian’s study can be found here. An infographic showing the top results can also be found below:


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