At this month’s National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, Samsung presented a range of visionary products connecting to the Internet of Things. These products will help shape the shopping experience of the future, blurring boundaries between online and offline shopping.

In future, customers and retailers alike will be able to fully exploit the possibilities that arise when the two worlds meet. For example, customers will be able to order a product online for collection in-store. Once the customer enters the store, a Beacon communicating with the customer’s Samsung phone will set off a signage display, suggesting other products to buy and alerting the customer service department that the ordered product is about to be collected.

Internet of Business also quoted Mubaloo’s Sarah Weller, who pointed out that: “Technologies such as automatic Wi-Fi login and wayfinding help customers feel comfortable in-store, and help them find the desired products and facilitate social sharing. For those retailers who pride themselves on very personalised service, innovations such as facial recognition could alert retail assistants that a regular customer has just walked through the door, providing information on their shopping preferences, so that the customer gets served in a way that feels personal to them”.

The article further mentions ways that retailers can not only improve their in-store customer experience, but also facilitate better sales reports and statistics, delivered in real-time to any smartphone.

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