Back in June, James Frost went over to WWDC to learn all about what Apple has coming for developers this year. Here, he shares the opportunities for enterprise and the three main themes from the conference.
Video shot on iPhone 5S
The big three themes
This may seem obvious at a developers conference, but Apple put far more focus on the developers this year than they had previously. Around a third of the keynote was dedicated to developer specific features, which isn’t something they’ve done before.
They are quite aware that on the surface iOS 8 doesn’t look like much of a change from iOS 7. It’s important for Apple to get developers to take advantage of the new features. In order to show what iOS 8 is truly capable of, it’ll need developers to build great products on top of it. They want to make iOS 8 apps great.
With adaptivity, Apple is saying that apps should be written so that it doesn’t matter which device they are running on. With this, apps should adapt their functionality and user interfaces to match the size of screen being displayed on. This was really Apple’s way of telling developers that it’s very likely that new screen sizes will be coming soon with their new devices.
This is primarily about the extension functionality that Apple is bringing with iOS. Extensions provide developers with the ability to add your own sharing functionality, widgets and the ability to surface your app in more places throughout the operating system. This goes even further with Yosemite and iOS, where it will be possible to smoothly transition between performing a task on a desktop website, or in an app.
Overall, we expect to see developers and firms realising the huge potential features like this will bring to the market. iOS 8 will help users more easily switch between different devices, complete tasks or access data without having switch between multiple apps. iOS 8 is undoubtedly a great evolution of the way people use their smart devices.
With Craig Federighi at WWDC
James Frost at WWDC

James Frost at WWDC

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