Dear fixed line Internet,
There’s someone else. They are really fast and a totally free spirit, you may have heard of EE.
Thank you for your years of service and opening up our eyes to what the Internet had to offer. All of the good, the bad and the ugly of a connected world. You helped us to connect to our families, revolutionise our businesses and make us neighbours with every corner of the world.
Our relationship is changing though. And I think you’ve seen this coming for the past few years (you are the Internet: if you can’t tell these things, the rest of us are doomed.) Do you remember when 3G first came out? We know, you didn’t really worry about it. The Internet was TERRIBLE on mobile phones back then. People would only use a mobile site if they really, really needed to access information.
Your first warning sign was the iPhone 3G. Suddenly the mobile experience didn’t have to be so bad. Sure flash video didn’t work, but that mainly affected adverts, porn videos and some other video channels. We still loved you more fixed line Internet. You were much faster than the congested 3G networks.
But now, fixed line, 4G is here. This is a real problem for you. To begin with it was only in select locations but it’s spreading and what’s more, it’s just doubled in speed.
Whilst loads of people watch videos and use their phones, tablets or laptops in the house or office, the speed is important to them. I’m not saying that our relationship is over. Just that maybe we should see other people.
Like the fixed telephone line before you, the mobile has come in and given everyone their very own Internet connection. You are always useful when I get home, but sometimes you just aren’t fast enough.
You want me to be at home to use you, and well, there’s a whole world out there for me to explore.
It’s been a blast, thanks for everything.
Much love.
By Robert Haslam, PR manager

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