IT leaders from across the UK came together at the IDC Enterprise Mobility Conference to talk about the opportunities and challenges mobile technology presents for the enterprise. Discussions throughout the day highlighted two key challenges IT leaders are faced with building trust and credibility with line of business to collaborate on business transformation initiatives and line of business employing Shadow IT for mobile development. Mubaloo consultancy director, JP Luchetti, spoke about how Mobile Playbooks can help to address these problems. JP and Mubaloo consultant, Darren Ball, also led a roundtable discussion to explore specific cases.

In this video, Darren summarises three main takeaways from this discussion:

1. Have a Mobile Playbook – at a minimum have a point of view and be part of the conversation

2. Ensure you engage Line of Business (LOB) – find a way to demonstrate the value you can offer to LOB stakeholders

3. Have a strategic approach to mobile – do the work to understand how mobile can make life easier for your users in the context of your business goals.

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