“Organisations are moving from focusing on devices and risk management, to developing mobile to achieve business objectives.” John Delaney, Associate VP, Mobility Research at IDC.

This was one of the key messages today from IDC’s Enterprise Mobility Event in London. It’s also the message that Mubaloo is passionate about sharing. Mobile isn’t about the technology, it’s about what it enables.

In the past, when companies typically thought about enterprise mobility, they have thought more about risk management and devices – thinking about things around mobile device management and other areas. Whilst these are important to consider, from a foundation perspective, they do also somewhat limit fully utilising devices to actually help employees.

Now, it seems the tide is changing. Businesses are starting to realise the importance of harnessing the power of mobile to benefit the business. Of course, mobile has benefitted businesses for the past 30 years. However, this has focused on communication via the phone, SMS and eventually email. Mobile today is about so much more than communication. They’re blank screens that can be used for millions of different things.

One of the challenges with utilising mobile effectively has come down to an ownership and control issue. Line of business heads have been the driving force for trying to better use mobile, yet when it comes to doing anything complex, it is important for the project to go through IT. This can lead to two main roadblocks or challenges.

First, it can lead to a defragmented mess of mobile rollouts, where companies don’t have consistency across their apps, or have a range of different apps that don’t talk to each other, go into different systems and are being managed by various different people or companies.

Secondly, it can mean that companies are running multiple types of MDM, MAM, middleware and other systems because it isn’t all being centrally managed.

Juan Pablo Luchetti, consultancy director here at Mubaloo delivered a keynote during the session focusing on mobile strategy and the path to innovation. During the talk, JP spoke about the nature of innovation, saying that it’s about, “implementing improvements, focus needs to be on process rather than the end point”

This was a message also echoed by Alana Saunders, mobile consultant at Mubaloo during a talk at Enterprise Apps World, “innovation is about trying something new, something that’s challenging, but something that will deliver a huge amount of value in the long term. Mobile is a continually evolving area. Ultimately, companies who embrace it will find that they continue to make improvements to operations and other elements of their business because they’re being driven forward.”

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