As Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2015 draws to a close, the final day has highlighted the key themes from the show for enterprise mobility. Chief among these are the need and rising trend for a continuous user experience which understandings context, this is what Gartner is calling Post Apps, as we’ve previously written about. The second key trend is the role of apps and how they differ from enterprise software applications.

In order for mobile apps to drive value, they need to provide the user with a continuous experience to fit the user journey.

Mobile apps should be simple and allow the user to do what they need to as quickly as possible.

When thinking about mobile app strategy, Gartner spoke about the idea of Bimodal IT as a practice of managing two separate coherent modes of IT delivery. One focuses on stability and safety, whilst the other on exploration, emphasising on agility and speed.

To end the 4 day event, Gartner’s David Willis summarised the top predictions and trends for the coming years.

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