Today, London’s Air Ambulance has announced that a new app, created by Mubaloo as EE’s Customised Mobile App Partner, is helping it save an average of two minutes off its dispatch process.

Though two minutes doesn’t seem like a lot of time, when talking about responding to critically injured people, it can mean the difference between someone being disabled or dying.

To get a sense of how long two minutes is, check out the video below to see the impact:

The app is one of the best examples we’ve ever come across of the impact mobilisation can have. Much of the time, the apps we create help companies be more efficient, increase cost-savings and improve working ways that help employees and other stakeholders. In this example, the app means London’s Air Ambulance has increased its chance of helping to save lives.

We are immensely proud of the work we’ve done with London’s Air Ambulance through our partnership with EE. The app is a world first, providing essential information to the brilliant team at London’s Air Ambulance, who deliver lifesaving aid. By helping London’s Air Ambulance with its dispatch process, time has been saved which can be passed onto patients.

To create a mission-critical app, it was important that data could be delivered to London’s Air Ambulance as soon as the team was assigned to a mission. EE’s 4G network means the app has a direct data connection with London’s Emergency Operations Centre and that it remains up to date.

The app has transformed the dispatch process for London’s Air Ambulance and had a dramatic impact on the human element for the people working there.

We’d like to give a huge congratulations to those who were involved in enabling this app, with special mentions to for all their hard work.

  • Tanya Daley-Antoine, project director
  • JP Luchetti, consultancy director
  • Rich Turton, senior iOS developer
  • Rich Hodgkins, senior iOS developer
  • Hemel Dave, senior UX/UI designer
  • Peter Horsham, senior UX/UI designer

The video was created by 10 Bristol.

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