Neil Davey of MyCustomer recently spoke to Mubaloo’s Innovation Lab’s Head of Innovation, Mike Crooks, about Location Based Marketing (LBM). MyCustomer was eager to talk to Mike about the potential of LBM to reinvent the in-store experience and how retailers can most effectively leverage the technology.

Mike Crooks has worked with Mubaloo’s global clients to help them explore and exploit the opportunities for beacon based indoor location services. This technology can be used to improve customer service; provide more contextually relevant opportunities for brands to engage with their customers; and provide access to data on customer in store behaviour. This access to customer information, most crucially, will help to improve the accuracy of brands’ customer profiles through better understanding of both online and offline behaviours. Mike was quoted in the article about the benefits of LBM.

“Location-based marketing can be used to provide customers with additional product information, such as stock availability, product reviews or the ability to pay or reserve items from their phone, based on their proximity to products on the shop floor… Ultimately, the aim is to facilitate a more personal interaction with customers, leading to a better retail experience.”

Whilst there are many opportunities for LBM in retail, Mike insists that retailers should only be using LBM it if it helps to make the customer’s life easier. Customers want something that fits into their lives, rather than complicates it. Retailers therefore need to look at the customer experience in their stores to see where it falls down.

For more on Location Based Marketing read the article here.

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