If you are critically ill or have been critically injured, time is the most important factor in receiving emergency care. Each year, London’s Air Ambulance responds to an average of 2,000 of the most urgent cases across the London area. If London’s Air Ambulance emergency response team is called out, it tends to mean someone is in the process of dying.

Mubaloo’s consultancy team looked at London’s Air Ambulance’s current process to investigate how mobile can help to streamline this all-important process. Prior to deploying the app, the process involved calling through the top priority cases to London’s Air Ambulance dispatch, where the details would need to be repeated and confirmed three times, to ensure the information was correct. This information was then fed into a computer to get print outs of the mission information for the air and ground teams.
Through looking at the process, it was apparent that improvements could be made. London’s Air Ambulance worked with EE and Mubaloo to identify ways in which mobile devices and 4G technology could be utilised to reduce the steps required and provide emergency responders with the right information.

To see more on the London’s Air Ambulance app see the case study or watch EE’s fantastic video.

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