With over 60% of the UK owning smartphones and nearly a fifth of the UK population owning tablets, the number of people using m-banking services while on the go is only going to increase. According to Nielsen, out of the 15 fastest growing Android apps in the UK, two are banking apps, with HSBC beating the likes of Tesco, Instagram, Asda and Tune-In Radio. Nielsen put these results down to UK consumers becoming more sophisticated with mobile devices, using apps for ‘real world tasks’ rather than just gimmick apps and games.

Australian bank ANZ recently announced that customer logins to its mobile app exceeded internet banking logins for the first time and that banking fund transfers were exceeding over $1billion (over £670m) a month.
In light of this, we’ve created an infographic to show how people around the world are adopting and using m-banking.
mBanking Infographic

mBanking Infographic

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