The end of March saw a big update for the Met Office iPhone and Android apps, which included the addition of international locations and push notifications.
As well as users being able to add international locations to their favourites, they can also opt in to receive push notifications to be alerted of weather warnings in selected regions. Last winter we saw some of the wettest months on record and with the recently added push notifications, the Met Office app can inform users of weather warnings in their region, while they are on the move.
In addition to this, national locations now have an hourly breakdown of the weather for each day, while international locations display a three-hourly breakdown.
We also worked with the Met Office to optimise the iPhone app for iOS 7; with some subtle design tweaks, as well as improved performance.
With over 9 million downloads across iPhone & Android, the Met Office weather app has been a huge commercial success. According to last year’s Econsultancy Mobile Statistics Compendium, nearly a fifth of all iPhone users in the UK are using the app regularly each month. In addition to this, the app has overtaken the Met Office’s overall web traffic, with 61% of traffic coming from the mobile app.
We are continually working with the Met Office to help them find new ways to improve the app based on customer feedback and analytics.
Met Office Weather app

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Met Office Weather app

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