The end of March saw the second major update for the Met Office iPhone and Android app, which included the addition of a new social sharing button, an updated widget for the Android version, as well as optimisation for iOS 6 and iPhone 5.

In the space of one week (25th – 31st March) after the new update was launched, users of the Met Office app had shared a number of weather reports over 14,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, email and other social media platforms.
When the Flurry stats were broken down, we were able to see that Facebook is currently the most popular platform for sharing weather forecasts, with 6,800 shares across iPhone and Android in the space of one week. Email was the second most popular platform for sharing with 3,967 shares, followed by Twitter with 2,899 shares across iPhone and Android. 749 shares came from other social media sites including Google+ (Android only).
These figures are hugely positive and show the impact social integration can have. It is also great news for the Met Office because the shares will significantly increase the number of people who are able to see Met Office weather reports, extending their reach to an even wider audience.
Before the update, many users were taking screenshots of weather forecasts and posting them on Facebook and Twitter, or on emails. A major part of the Met Office’s app strategy is to measure and analyse stats and feedback to ensure the app is continuously being improved on every update.
Mubaloo believes this continual improvement is vital for any app strategy, to ensure apps are up to date with all of the latest devices and operating systems and in turn making sure users are getting exactly what they want from an app.
Users are now able to share all of main content within the Met Office app, including the home screen, 5-day and 3-hourly forecasts, as well as maps and weather warnings.

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