There aren’t many people who would invest in a bespoke product before being absolutely sure it met their requirements, and where possible tried it before committing to buy.
This is perhaps a mindset we all have when it comes to purchasing items as individuals, but it doesn’t always seem to be the case when it comes to bespoke mobile apps.
Our clients spend a great deal time considering their mobile apps. From creating a business case and working closely with our planners to define and scope strategy, right through to working with our team of user experience and design experts to bring life to their vision, before moving into development and testing.
At Mubaloo, we have a very skilled team who, through in-depth analysis of end users and detailed information architectures, can create the best user journeys possible. We work closely with our clients to understand their business and market, but we still strongly believe in ‘trying before you buy’ (or trying before you develop in this case).
Creating a great app is about making sure you are getting it right for your users and your users should always be your main focus and priority, dare we say it, over your own personal ideas! We actively encourage our clients to consider prototyping their app before starting the development phase.
We focus on key user journeys in the app and getting a sample of your audience to review and feedback on their experience. This helps to refine a great concept and provide the best and most intuitive app possible. This also minimises the need for change during the development phase, as by this point, refining the app can mean compromising a beautiful design or well-architected product, when features are retrofitted.
This isn’t to say there shouldn’t be any change during the development phase. From our experience, we know that some changes are needed to improve an app. With prototyping, we know that the need for changes is drastically reduced and will likely only be limited to small tweaks, as opposed to fundamental changes to features and functionality.
Getting it right from the outset will undoubtedly save time and money, however we do understand that changes in projects are inevitable. To avoid substantial changes we believe that prototyping and user testing is essential, as well as involving key people in the project right from the beginning. We do understand a lot of our customers work to a budget but we also know this often includes a contingency for unforeseen changes. Why not turn this on its head and consider investing a portion of the change budget up front to get your app right first time.
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