When Mitie approached Mubaloo, it was looking to take its online Miworld property management tool and mobilise it. Mitie wanted to help its employees and customers achieve more on the move.

Mitie understood its customers and the ways in which its staff work. Going back to a computer to enter information had reached the limit of its ability to deliver improvements. Mitie knew that simply optimising its Miworld web platform for mobile wasn’t enough; it needed an app.

Mitie is a company that is focused on transformation and delivering improvements across its operations. Thanks to its focus on innovation, Mitie is winning a large number of prestigious awards in its industry.

Last night, the Miworld app, created in partnership with Mubaloo, won the Technology in FM Award at the Workplace Future Conference.

Today, Miworld has 500+ active users per week, across 18 contracts.

The app is helping to deliver a higher level of service to the companies that Mitie provides facilities management to; improving the time it takes for issues to be addressed and enhancing communication between customers and Mitie facility managers.

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