This is a three part post about mobile analytics and why they matter for enterprise apps. 
Employees are now more IT savvy than ever, expecting the apps they use in the workplace to be as easy-to-use as the ones they use in their personal lives. In fact, according to Appcelerator’s 2013 State of the Mobile Enterprise report, 86% of respondents agree that user experience matters as much in enterprise apps as it does in consumer apps.
App analytics and data collected from other enterprise systems, combined with other insights, have the potential to transform the future of businesses. By being able to utilise data effectively, companies can improve their own apps, but also use it for future planning and driving overall business intelligence.
Real time data provides companies with many advantages, if they properly analyse and utilise it. For field engineers, this could reveal the progress of their task in real-time, with the associated data being delivered to the back-office or customer. This could also be used to let the key people, for whichever job is next, know when to expect the engineer based on their location.
Such is the importance of real time data, much of IBM and Apple’s recent partnership focuses on being able to crunch data, to deliver tangible value to businesses. Significant investment should be put towards getting value out of past and present data, to drive required returns for the future.

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