While influential people in venture capital like Marc Andreessen and Bill Gurley debate whether Silicon Valley should brace itself for another dot-com bubble, growth of the App Economy, fueled by an explosion in app downloads and demand that supports some 2.9 million indie and contract app developers worldwide, shows no signs of slowing. But along with the gold rush fever as developers spend to make it big, are even greater concerns that the same market mechanisms that can catapult apps to new heights may also bankrupt entire app businesses.

It’s a race against the clock for app developers to unlock the revenues they have earned from sales of their apps in order to reinvest in the paid advertising campaigns necessary to boost app visibility, accelerate user acquisition and — ultimately— speed up development cycles for additional updates to their winning apps. (In fact, new data from enterprise app company and consultancy Mubaloo shows that usage can drop by as much as 20% if an app isn’t updated or optimized properly for a new operating system release.)

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