8.30am 9th November | MWB 60 Cannon Street, London.

Mobile apps are one of the fastest growing phenomena of this century, playing integrated and influential roles in our personal and business lives. We’ve developed apps for businesses and brands across a number of industry sectors and in our master class, we will address some of the most pressing issues facing businesses pursuing a mobile strategy. We’ll be joined by one of our clients, the Met Office, who will share their experiences on delivering one of the most successful consumer apps to date.

If you’ve been thinking about developing an app for your business, or if you are looking to boost your mobile strategy then this event is for you. Marketing, Operations and IT functions will all find this event a useful introduction to the app development process.

The event will cover:

The App World in 2012 – An Insider’s Perspective

The development of mobile apps is rapidly evolving with some businesses succeeding and some falling by the wayside. We’ll show you what’s happening in 2012 and where you should be investing your mobile efforts.

The Business Case for an App

A look at the role mobile apps play for businesses and brands and the KPIs they can be expected to deliver. Case studies will illustrate how to achieve awareness, acquisition, upsell & customer satisfaction as well as providing an introduction on how to build app roadmaps alongside existing metrics, channels and customer journeys.

From UX to UI – Designing for Mobile Devices

We’ll discuss the design process, show you why functionality should always come first and explain the importance of designing for different devices.

App Security

Security is a big consideration in app development but not one to be scared of. Using case studies and scenarios, we’ll give you an overview of the current security landscape.

Demystifying the Web vs. Native App Debate

This session will address the ongoing debate of whether it is best to develop platform specific apps or if web apps and mobile websites are the way forwards. Using case studies and scenarios we will discuss the various pros and cons of each and dispel a few myths along the way.

The Met Office: Case Study

Having launched their award-winning iPhone and Android app earlier this year, the Met Office will share their experience and discuss the results they have seen since the launch.
The master class is taking place in London at MWB 60 Cannon Street, EC4N 6NP on 9th November at 8.30am. To ensure attendance we charge a small fee of £69+VAT. Delegates can cancel up to 21 days prior to the event.

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