Danny Bradbury of The Raconteur recently spoke to Mubaloo’s consultancy director, JP Luchetti, about Enterprise Mobile Apps. The Raconteur was keen to speak to Mubaloo after Gartner recognised Mubaloo as ’Specialist mobile developer in digital disruption for the enterprise’.

JP has worked with Mubaloo’s global clients to help exploit the opportunity for mobile to improve processes, business intelligence and operations and was quoted in the piece speaking about the work he and his team do for clients.

“Juan Pablo Luchetti, consultancy director at enterprise mobile app consultancy Mubaloo, works with clients to determine their business objectives, such as processing invoices more quickly or reducing service times. We look at what roles impact that and which of those roles are highly mobile,” he says. The company will consult with key personnel, and find out how enterprise mobile apps may be able to transform what they do and help them meet their business goals.”

Working on the mobile strategy for organisations, JP and his strategy team will look at all functions, to see how mobile can drive productivity, efficiencies or cost savings. Business units across organisations are realising the returns of mobilisation, including field engineers, manufacturing teams and many others.

For more on Enterprise Mobile Apps read the article here.

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