Mobile marketing has the potential to fundamentally change how B2B communications is conducted, allowing decision makers a deeper and more personal brand engagement at a time and place to suit them. B2B Marketing have recently published an online B2B Mobile Marketing Best Practice Guide, which Mubaloo are very pleased to have contributed towards, which examines how B2B brands can use the many forms of mobile marketing (from SMS to apps) to maximise opportunities for customer-engagement and presents practical advice and guidance on their implementation.

Overview of contents:

1. Introduction to mobile marketing

2. Developing a mobile strategy

3. Defining a strategic approach to mobile email

4. Text messaging

5. Mobile websites

6. Mobile apps

7. Mobile social media

8. Mobile CRM

9. The future of mobile marketing

For more information about this guide please go to the B2B Marketing website and for a 20% discount enter MMBPG36 (This code is valid until 31st July).

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