This edition of Mobile Monday was all about the latest web tools that are changing behaviours and making lives easier – in and out of the workplace; across industries and roles.  

A range of industry experts presented their findings and offered the chance to discuss thoughts, opinions and experiences with the audience.  In their presentation, JustEat showed how they are taking web tools in another direction with voice ordering. They were also joined by Softwire who discussed the latest trends in web coding. 

Alana Pearson, Senior Mobile Strategy Consultant, rounds up the presentations in this video.

Mobile Monday (MoMo) is an open community platform of mobile industry visionaries, developers and influential individuals fostering innovation through live networking events in order to demonstrate products, share ideas and discuss trends from both local and global markets. If you would like to attend the next Mobile Monday event in February 2017, follow Mubaloo on Twitter (@Mubaloo) where we will be announcing the event.

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