Last week, Mobile Monday (MoMo) relaunched its Bristol chapter, with ‘Disruption Mobile’. Held at OpenSpace Bristol, Mobile Monday welcomed over 40 mobile industry experts and influencers to meet, network and engage with one another.

As we mentioned previously, Uber’s UK General Manager, Fred Jones and Tällt Ventures founder, Matt Connelly were the guest speakers, discussing what disruption means in today’s world.

MoMo Networking


Fred Jones, who arrived in a fully kitted out Uber double decker bus, gave a fantastic talk on disruptive innovation. Fred discussed the ways in which Uber wanted to provide lower prices to customers and greater flexibility to drivers. As a result, Uber is disrupting the taxi industry in every market it enters; causing established operators to protest.

Fred explained that the key factors for causing disruption across an industry that already exists, are using weapons of misconception, lots of marketing and a passionate workforce – “Disruption is having passionate people. We do everything quickly apart from hiring people”.

Later, Fred also presented an outstanding example of buying a market. According to Fred, Uber wanted to continue growing globally and disrupt the taxi industry in China. In the case of China, there was one simple route to disrupt the $2bn market. Buy it. With a market valuation of $60bn, Uber had the luxury of a raft of investors willing to help it capture the biggest market in the world.

MoMo Fred Jones Uber

Next up, Matt Connelly, founder of Tällt Ventures, gave a truly inspiring talk on start up businesses. In his talk, Matt discussed one of the key principles Mubaloo discusses in its ‘Approaching Innovation white paper’; fail fast when trying to disrupt industries – “Start your own thing and always be the middle man”.

Matt’s enthusiasm won the audience over, especially when he spoke about his own journey with start up businesses. Prior to Tällt Ventures, which tracks and analyses over one million startups around the world, Matt was the founder of ‘Enable Digital’, a digital agency, that worked for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Next and Office & Commes des Garcons. Matt used his experience and the insights he has gained through the work he does for his clients at Tällt Ventures to explain the key differences between sustainable innovation vs disruptive innovation.

According to Matt, sustaining innovation comes from creating products that satisfy customer needs for the future. For example, Henry Ford assembled sustainable innovation with the first ever assembly line production creating Ford vehicles in 1903 with Ford Motor Company. Disruptive innovation, on the other hand, undercuts an already existing market, with Uber and Hailo as distinct examples.

MoMo Matt Connelly

Hosted by Mubaloo, OpenSpace and Kudan, with sponsorship from R&D tax consultancy, Forrest Brown, the evening was a great success.

“Mubaloo is proud to be associated with Mobile Monday and to support this open community initiative, where anyone with an interest in mobile or technology can come to share ideas, learn from each other and discuss new trends across the industry. We couldn’t have hoped for more from the relaunch event” said Gemma Coles, Joint-Managing Director of Mubaloo.

Panel Discussion MoMo

Mobile Monday Bristol has already started to plan their next inaugural event, which is taking place on Monday the 8th February 2016.

Mobile Monday Bristol events are held every Monday of the month, so if you missed this one be sure not to miss the next. You can keep up-to-date with the latest events for Mobile Monday Bristol on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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