Mubaloo announces Dom Baker as Customer Experience Principal Consultant

by | Jan 31, 2019 | News & Opinion | 0 comments

Mubaloo announces Dom Sheppard-Baker as CX Principal Consultant, reporting to our Strategy Director Marcus Wareham. We’re delighted to have Dom, as this will allow us to take the role of our digital products further by looking holistically at the whole user experience not just when they interact with our products.

Short Biography:

I’m A Customer Experience principle, hailing from a background of Design, Technology, Strategy, Activation and big metal sculptures.

Over the last ten years I’ve created products, brands, launched movements, campaigns, built communities and creating experiences for companies including Google, Bite the Ballot, Samsung, Ernst and Young, Channel 4, Public Health England, World Vision and many more

I’m currently tinkering with IoT/machine learning and giving objects an unexpected and jolly life, meeting new and interesting folks and much walking with dog Fred, drawing and reading.

Marcus Wareham, Strategy Director at Mubaloo, said: ‘I’m excited to have Dom with us at such a critical time as our involvement in the development of consumer and customer-facing products have increased significantly in the last four years.’

Dom will also be engaging with the wider IPG Group (Mubaloo’s parent company) helping align the group’s marketing efforts looking at how digital products and brands are discovered through online and offline channels.

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