Mubaloo’s planning director, Gemma Coles, attended the Guardian Mobile Business Summit on Monday. The one-day event included comprehensive insights from individuals and companies who are using mobile to define their business strategies. Below are a few of the presentations we think really stood out.

Beyond the connected society

Jan Chipchase, executive creative director of global insights at frog, showed how mobile technology is being used in different cultures in his short 2 Degrees presentation.

One of the examples Chipchase gave was how Kenyan farmers are purchasing crop insurance through mobile technology. Farmers can buy their crops from a registered store and confirm their insurance by sending a text message to be added to the insurance company’s database. Insurance payouts are based on the season’s weather and if a payment is necessary, an SMS will be sent to the farmer’s phone. The farmer can then collect their money from the place of purchase.

You can find out more about how mobile technology is helping different cultures on Jan Chipchase’s website

During the hours of 6-7am, the Guardian receives more visits from mobile than desktop

Anthony Sullivan, Guardian group product manager, shared some recent stats on how people are accessing the Guardian (website, mobile website & native apps).

  • In Q1 2011 mobile handsets accounted for 10% of visits but now this number is closer to 30%. It grows to 35% when you add tablets.
  • 94% of tablet visits to the Guardian are on the iPad but Sullivan said he expected this to change with the introduction of the new Android & Windows tablets.
  • Between 6 and 7am mobile device visits overtake desktop and also on Saturdays at 3pm (during the peak of the Premier League matches). The suggested tipping point for when mobile overtakes desktop visits for the Guardian is 2 years away.
  • The Guardian is seeing an overall rise in media being consumed, people are using mobile devices as well as desktops, not instead of them.
  • 65% of the Guardian’s mobile activity is happening over WiFi but it’s fragmented in terms of devices. Last week, 1,857 different mobile handset models viewed Guardian content. The solution to device fragmentation? Responsive design. View the new responsive version of the Guardian website at

LinkedIn IA cut down from more than 2,000 pages on desktop to around 71 on mobile

Joff Redfern, head of mobile products for LinkedIn, based his presentation on LinkedIn’s approach to design on mobile devices.

Redfern noted that there are new IA & UI trends influencing their design decisions. For example, the drag down to refresh was originally only on the Twitter app but now is a standard Apple UI configuration. Another example is the sliding menu bar on Facebook, which isn’t yet a standard Apple configuration but has influenced design due the volume of people used to seeing this.

All presentations should be available to view on the Guardian MBS app early next week.

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