Following the fantastic weekend that was the EE Hackathon and our two teams of developers getting highly commended prizes (Mark knew he couldn’t vote for his own employees); we have some more great news! A couple of years ago, we were selected as one of the Real Business Future 50 companies. Now, we’ve just found out that we are one of the ‘30 to Watch in Mobile‘ too!
30 to Watch in Mobile was a search for the most ambitious UK firms in the mobile sector. Judges included Mark Pearson, founder of; Adrian Bott, head of digital business at Osborne Clark; Colin Stevens, founder of Better Bathrooms; Stuart Rock, founder of Caspian Publishing; Charles Orton-Jones, editor of London Loves Business and Vanessa Zainzinger, editor of
There are some truly fascinating other winners of the 30 to Watch in Mobile including:
  • Judo Payments: allowing small business to use mobile payments without any extra hardware, customers can just enter their card details into the app and pay for items using Judo. It’s a simple solution to helping small retailers, cafes and other businesses take card payments
  • SwiftKey: The darling of the UK technology media and loved by Android fans the world over. SwiftKey is the Android keyboard of choice!
  • Blippar: If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘you can blip that’ then you’ve heard of Blippar. The augmented reality platform is used in thousands of marketing campaigns and is going from strength to strength
  • ContactGroup: Using mobile for what it’s best for, notification systems. In this case, it’s in the case of schools and allowing them to let parents know important information quickly (such as closures, truancy, school events and allowing children or parents to report bullying.) Simple but highly effective
  • Kudan: We love Kudan. As another Bristol based company, we know them well and are big fans of what they do. They are doing some innovative implementations of augmented reality, including the ability to mix music together using Bacardi and Coca Cola
  • Paddle: Another payment system designed to take the pain out of mobile payments. They are trialing the service with Marks & Spencer. Definitely one to watch
  • YPlan: Our London team love this app, it’s great for finding last minute events and has some impressive investors behind it
All of the companies selected for 30 to Watch are really worth checking out. It’s an exciting place to be and we’re so pleased to have been recognised by Real Business, alongside so many other brilliant companies!

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