For the fifth year in a row, we are proud to announce our continued success in Clutch’s annual report of leading firms in the United Kingdom, featuring the 374 most highly reviewed companies in the industry. Representing the UK, we were highlighted as a leader in iPhone, mobile app, and Drupal development. Although companies may be listed on Clutch for free, only the most profound are labelled as leaders, by means of verified reviews and Clutch’s own scoring methodology.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that covers over 7,000 companies across 500+ industries from around the world. Their methodology lies in client interviews, where Clutch speaks to a company’s reference regarding the challenges, solutions, and results of their time working together. Coupled with a unique scoring methodology that factors in variables such as market presence, industry recognition, and clientele, Clutch is thereby able to separate the firms with the ability to deliver from those that do not.

 We are incredibly honoured to be a leader amongst many great development companies in the UK and are looking forward to continuing that trend going into 2019. However, we must thank our clients for helping us reach these heights, for their success is ours as well. Through projects built and relationships developed, we will remain dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients. Here are some of the things they’ve had to say about us on our Clutch profile:

 “I think their expertise and knowledge in the mobile space is second to none. Whenever I need insight into what ‘good’ looks like, they’re always able to help, advise, and consult. They’re approachable and always happy to help,” explained the Solutions Director of an investment firm. They described what takeaways they gained from working with our team:

“We got a lot of insight from them on the user experience. They’re not just a software company; they really have good insight into how mobile products should be built and what customers want.”

Another client, the Innovation Director of a logistics and consulting company, compared our project management skills to our competitors:

“In contrast, working with Mubaloo was refreshing. They laid out a plan, reported on an ongoing basis, hit deadlines, and stayed within budget. They delivered what they said they would on time. I’m very impressed in this respect.”

Additionally, the Senior Product Innovation Manager of an industrial gas company elaborated on how working with us has been entirely different than anything they’ve experienced in the past:

“Mubaloo had the unique ability to come in and conduct a sprint for an unfamiliar company and industry. I haven’t seen this quality in any other partner. Normally, this process is done within a company’s offices, but they were able to come in and do it within a week

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