Today, Mubaloo’s Creative Director, Hannah Tempest is speaking at the Talk UX conference in Manchester about the design process behind the multi-award winning app, HL Live for iPad. The app, created for Hargreaves Lansdown, has won a multitude of awards for its design, including Best Trading Platform at the UK App Design Awards and Best Information Experience at the UX UK Awards 2014.

In the talk, Hannah will discuss the mobile landscape today and the differences between apps that entertain, inform or provide productive output, and how design plays a central role. Within this, Hannah will focus on how mobile design is driven by the context of how a user should use mobile and also the benefits they receive.

The talk will focus on the importance of user-centred design when dealing with complex data structures, to help make data rich apps accessible. Unlike companies who only focus on either design or development, Hannah will discuss the benefits of having both teams sitting together to collaborate on the project.

In addition to this point, the talk will go into detail about the design process, specifically why it’s important to map everything out and prototype ideas before going into full development. Check out the video testimonial from Hargreaves Lansdown talking about both the mobile and iPad app below:

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