Mubaloo’s Director of Mobile Strategy, Gemma Coles, spoke to BBC Radio Bristol’s Steve LeFevre yesterday morning where they discussed 10 years of Facebook and the impact of mobile.
Gemma talked about how the shift from desktop to mobile led Facebook to rethink its strategy in order to meet user needs. This is an area that many companies are now having to think about. The proliferation of newer device categories such as tablets, phablets and, over the coming years, wearables, mean that companies have to think about how their core audiences will interact with them.
“There is a lot to learn from Facebook’s 2012 shift to a mobile-first strategy – recognising that being social is mobile, keeping pace with a changing tech landscape and putting UX centre stage. iPhone and Android didn’t even exist when Facebook began in 2004, yet it now has half a billion daily users sharing stories. Facebook has had to adapt to a changing landscape and the world we live in has undoubtedly changed due to social media.”

If you would like to hear Gemma’s talk, click here and skip to 1:24:33.

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