OpenCo is bringing its Festival of Innovation to London for the first time this summer and we’re very pleased to announce that Mubaloo will be opening its doors to the public at our London office as part of the event!

The idea behind this event is to encourage innovative companies to be open and share their knowledge with others through welcoming the general public into their workspace. OpenCo launched last year in San Francisco and has expanded this year to cover more cities in the US and also London – a city that is home to some of the world’s most exciting and innovative tech companies.
Backed by the London Business School (LBS) and the Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO), the open doors event will take place on Friday 7th June, with a launch event happening the evening before on Thursday 6th June. Some of the tech companies opening their doors to the public alongside Mubaloo include Spotify, YouTube, LivingSocial and Clear Channel, to name a few. The Festival of Innovation is running alongside Le Web 2013 to encourage openness and an ‘economy of sharing’ in London.
If you’d like the opportunity to look behind the scenes of some of the biggest tech companies in London, the event is free to attend and you can register here!


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