Last week Rich Turton, one of Mubaloo’s Senior iOS developers, was invited to speak at RWDevCon: ‘The Tutorial Conference’, held at the Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel in Washington DC. Rich is a technical editor for and has worked on tutorials and books for the site.

This two day event attracted attendees of all levels – from engineering leads at Facebook, to independent developers who have taught themselves to code, even from websites such as The conference was unique in that all learning was done via the hands-on tutorial route for which the website has become famous.

Through his work with Mubaloo and contributions to, Rich has built up a respected reputation within the iOS development community. At the event, Rich hosted a session in the advanced track, educating fellow developers on the topic of Advanced Debugging.

Rich’s favourite sessions were the two relating to WatchKit, the development framework for the Apple Watch. A fully functional Apple Watch app was built during these sessions which extended the existing RWDevCon iPhone app. The app allows users to view the schedule, the details of the speakers, set favourites and included a “glance” screen, showing the time and location of the next upcoming session.

“The conference showed that there is always a lot more to learn, no matter how good you are,” Rich said after getting back from the two day, educational event. This certainly sums up what we find in the world of development – there are always new technologies, new techniques to learn and new ways of improving your skills.

This is something that we believe here at Mubaloo. As a result, we run regular internal training sessions and work with local universities, to help give advice to students, learning about development.

In collaboration with other team members, Rich has edited two full-length books: Core Data by Tutorials and iOS Animations By Tutorials (coming soon!). The animations book was written in secret and unveiled at the conference, where all attendees were given a free copy!

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