We are delighted to announce that MTR Crossrail, in partnership with Mubaloo, has been shortlisted for the ‘Technical Innovation’ category in this year’s Dadi Awards. The awards celebrate digital excellence and this year’s event will mark the 10th anniversary.

Since the MTR Crossrail project went live it has become the largest deployment of beacon technology in the Enterprise in the world, and is being recognised for this dramatic feat of technical innovation.

MTR Crossrail has already started to deliver significantly more efficient service by using the apps and beacon technology. The Mubaloo Innovation Lab has driven the mobilisation of operations through the deployment of beacons and the creation of mobile apps. Our partnership with MTR Crossrail will continue over the next four years to deliver innovation and transform the rail industry.

The other Dadi Award Finalists for ‘Technical Innovation’, include companies such as Accenture, Fiat, Bentley Motors and TfL.

The Dadi Awards will be hosted on the 19th of October, and we wish all the finalists the best of luck.

To find out more about the Dadi Awards then click here.

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