‘The Customer Driven Innovation Conference’ is being held on June 15th-16th at Mill Bank Tower, London. The event will explore how travel brands can improve engagement with customers. The event by One Connected Community is focused on the role of technology in customer experience, with a focus on transformation and innovation.

The blurring of digital and physical shopping is forcing huge retail transformation. We have already witnessed the rise of Internet retail giants and struggles on the high street over the past 20 years.

Today, mobile adds more headaches for retailers. Now, your best customer can be standing in your best store and, with three touches of their thumb on a piece of glass, buy from your biggest competitor.

To thrive in the coming years, retail transformation goes beyond the adoption of cloud, mobile, social and IoT technologies. Instead, it means connecting customers, colleagues and the store using intelligent technology and processes. This shift is needed to keep up with constantly changing environments, customer expectations and technological advances.

The retail and travel event is aimed at helping companies strengthen their strategy for customer experiences, with a focus on:

  • Locate, integrate and manage data to target customers in the moment, with personalised offers and content
  • Capitalise on mobile and innovative partnerships for direct bookings, ancillary revenues and in-destination content
  • Empower all departments with the ability to execute the customer-first vision
  • Understand customer emotion at every touch point, to create unprecedented experiences

The Customer Driven Innovation Conference is the only event focused solely on how retailers and travel companies and operators can reclaim profitable relationships with customers.

We’re thrilled to report that Mubaloo was invited to come and speak at the event, joining attendees from John Lewis, Lloyds, Santander, Thomas Cook, Post Office, Dixon Carphone, TripAdvisor and Intu.

Mubaloo’s London MD, Sarah Weller, will share insight on why it’s important to ensure that travel companies are focused on their own internal processes and business enablement, to better support customers.

Check out Sarah’s video below discussing what Mubaloo will be bringing to the event. You can book tickets here www.oneconnectedcommunity.com/next-event/, or emailing george@oneconnectedcommunity.co.uk.

As a company, OCC invites inspirational speakers to speak at its events and in its videos. Since 2013, every ticket purchased supports London’s young adults with learning disabilities, helping them lead successful and fulfilling lives.

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