On Saturday 23rd January, Mike Crooks, Head of Innovation at Mubaloo Innovation Lab, will be joining nine other speakers at the inaugural TEDx UWE event. The session is focused around the theme of ‘The Innovation Attitude’, celebrating the work of companies in the South West and work from UWE.

Mubaloo is very proud to be part of the launch event, continuing our involvement with Universities in and around Bristol. We are continuing to find that companies are struggling with how to best approach innovation and create the right culture internally. This is part of the reason that we made our MiBeacons division into Mubaloo Innovation Lab last year.

Confirmed speakers include:

Ze Nunes, Cofounder of MACH Acoustics –
Ze is passionate about the role of acoustics in improving the built environment and committed to sustainability as a fundamental principle of good design.

James Brown, five time paralympian, and Lindsay West, founder of Values Coach UK –
Before his final few months of preparation for Rio’s Paralympic Games, James is coming to share his story with us with co-presenter, Lindsay West. The talk will explore the relationship between core values and motivation.

Poku Osei, Founder of the youth social enterprise, Babbasa –
Babbasa provides support services for aspiring young people, mostly from Bristol’s ethnically diverse and disadvantaged inner city communities, to pursue their professional aspirations.

Tony Parraman, head of sponsor liaison at the Bloodhound project –
Having worked for the Bloodhound project for the past 7 years, from its very early beginnings back in 2008, Tony is part of a team trying to beat the landspeed record. His talk will be focused around “open innovation”, which is a key driver behind the education inspiration program within Bloodhound.

Jonathan Winfield, senior researcher and lecturer at the Bristol Bioenergy Centre –
Over the last eight years he has worked extensively with microbial fuel cells, a technology that employs bacteria to make electricity.

Jim Duffy, Chief Executive Optimist of the world’s largest free business accelerator, Entrepreneurial Spark –
Entrepreneurial Spark is the world’s largest free business accelerator. Jim will be talking about how you can polish your leadership lens and adopt an action based mentality of personal growth, achievement and success.

Kath Cockshaw, Development, Bristol Green Capital Partnership –
Having created two start-up companies and directed highly successful audience development projects, across the arts, commercial organisations, museums and charities,
Kath is an expert is economic and environmental sustainability.

Sanja Dogramadzi, Medical Robotics Theme leader in Bristol Robotics Laboratory –
Sanja’s research builds upon her PhD and is focused on the use of robotic technologies in healthcare. The work is multidisciplinary and involves working with clinicians, users and companies integrating several engineering and computing disciplines including robotics, mechanical engineering, control, optimisation and medical imaging.

Joe Ryan, founder of VRGO –
Coming from a game design background, Joe’s passion for furniture making has inspired him to design a new form of movement input, set to revolutionise the way people interact in Virtual Reality worlds.

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