As we announced back in April, this Friday, Mubaloo is taking part in the inaugural OpenCo London. Having already been a massive success in San Francisco, OpenCo gives lovers of technology a chance to see behind the scenes of companies and how they tick.
For Mubaloo, it is a huge honour to be part of OpenCo alongside companies such as YouTube, Spotify, Wired, Mind Candy, News International and more.
We’ll be doing our presentation from the offices of Universal McCann. Whilst we have a London office, it isn’t quite as large as our Bristol base. Thanks to the magic of 4G technology though, we’ll be showing why mobile is as cool as we think it is with a live 4G video call for a tour around the office.
During our 45 minute session, we’ll be explaining what we think is going to be happening with the next generation of apps and the impact the current generation is having on businesses. We’ll look at how we’ve become the UK’s leading mobile app developer, how apps are made, some live demos of our apps and, of course, the live mobile video call with our Bristol team of developers, designers, testers, planners, project managers and mobile experts.
OpenCo’s Festival of Innovation is also taking place in New York, San Francisco and Detroit, and we are delighted to be part of the event in London! For those of you who aren’t able to attend on the day, OpenCo will be recording the session so a video will be available to watch afterwards.
2013 is shaping up to be Mubaloo’s biggest year yet. We’re not only expanding as a company but have also partnered with some of the largest companies in the UK, helping to cement our position as the UK’s leading enterprise mobile app developer.
To sign up for OpenCo click here for your free ticket. We’re on at 12pm and can be found at:
42 St John’s Square
Posted by Robert Haslam

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