Three months ago we announced the very exciting news that Mubaloo had been acquired by IPG Mediabrands. This morning the London team packed up and left our office on the Strand, after being there for two and a half years, and moved into IPG Mediabrand’s office in Farringdon.

With 360 people in IPG Mediabrand’s Farringdon office it is a bit of a change to our office on the Strand! Mubaloo has moved on to the 3rd floor with Reprise and Cadreon as our neighbours.

We are all very excited to be here and thank IPG Mediabrands for the incredibly warm welcome! We can now be found at:

42 St John’s Square

Move Photo 1
@SarahEWeller: Excited to be moving to @MediabrandsUK offices this morning!! Bye @Mubaloo London office on Strand. Hello Farringdon.

Move 2
@Mubaloo: It’s moving day @Mubaloo in the London office !!! So much to pack, so very early!

Move 3
@Mubaloo: Thanks to B.P. Thompson! 2 guys, 1 hour and we’re fully loaded and on our way to Farringdon! #movingday

Move 5
@Mubaloo: Our new office! @ipgmediabrands

Move 7
@Mubaloo: Thanks for the welcome @ipgmediabrands #movingday

Move 6
@SarahEWeller: And now to unpack… #movingday @MediabrandsUK LOVE our new office!!

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