MWC19 Day Three

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Day 3 of MWC19

We’ve been submerged in retail and digital commerce on our third day at MWC, from VR, customer service and user authentication (ID systems).

There have been several breakthroughs in ID scanning over the years- face recognition being the champion, but we saw some amazing concepts at MWC and how they can be used to help retailers and their customers being either more efficient or getting hyper-personalised service respectively.

VR was everywhere today. We saw the amazing enhancements of Virtual Reality being showcased and there were more hardware options than last year- but most notable was the range of enterprise applications. We also enjoyed the story around the role of edge and 5G in driving performance- the potential 5G holds for the coming year is really exciting and is definitely one to watch.

There was a keen eye on customer service- mainly focusing on chatbots and the benefits they can bring. By using chatbots we can contain and simplify the user experience, whilst delivering enterprise cost savings. It can even allow support staff to work remotely, enabling freelance and flexible working.

Today was an interesting day, loads of content and some really interesting concepts and ideas. We noticed so much new consumer tech which are definitely worth keeping an eye on, such as Samsung’s foldable phone, new selfie technology and advanced 3D screens.

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