As you may have seen from our previous blog post, at the weekend Mubaloo went to the Met Office to judge the NASA International Space Apps Challenge. The event was an enormous success with people around the world getting involved to address key challenges of global importance.

Mubaloo, Shelterbox and Plymouth University all judged the final presentations which took place at 2pm yesterday afternoon. Only two solutions could be put through from the Met Office – a very hard task considering the exceptional standard of the projects delivered.

The winners consisted of Grower’s Nation and We Love Data.

Grower’s Nation is an app that determines the best produce to grow given soil and climate conditions in any set location. This app really stood out because of its humanitarian potential for third world countries and the way in which the team crowdsourced information from other NASA challengers across the globe.

We Love Data presented three different experiments, but the one that really caught our attention was ‘Connect and Survive’. The team developed a device that would warn hay fever and asthma suffers when the next days pollen count was expected to be high so that they could plan accordingly. The bigger picture here is the idea that this same logic could be applied to a number of different healthcare products.

These two teams will now be judged against other winning challenges globally, with the winners announced in the next few weeks.

Mubaloo is also very excited to announce that we are hopefully going to be working closely on one of the other Space App projects to come out of the weekend, from team “Predict the Sky.” Watch this space!

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