Last week, Apple added another award to its envious list, the Cannes Festival Outdoor Lions prize, for its ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ campaign. For those unfamiliar, the campaign uses photos (and videos) shot using the iPhone 6 on outdoor adverts (and TV spots) to promote the iPhone as a truly capable photography device.

According to FastCompany, the jury president Juan Carlos Ortiz, creative chairman at DDB Americas implied the judges didn’t so much choose “World Gallery,” it chose them. Praising the Grand Prix winner, Ortiz said: “It’s not just a great idea, it’s a game changer. It’s really opening a new way of doing things and changing behaviour.”

We’re thrilled for Apple for its win and more thrilled that it truly validates our work with Alamy to create Stockimo, an app that enables photographers to easily upload their mobile photography to Alamy’s global network. Alamy, is one of the world’s largest stock photo companies, selling photos to advertisers, publishers, marketers, brands and other companies.

The company wanted to create an app that would let people sell the photos they took on their phones as easily as possible. We started working with Alamy in 2013, just as iOS 7 was announced, to create a new app for iPhone users to let them do just that. Launching in early 2014, Stockimo has seen over 160,000 photos be approved for sale on Alamy’s network.

Anyone can download Stockimo and upload iPhone photos. Users tag their photos to submit them, where they’re then reviewed and either approved or rejected for sale. The app has led to Alamy growing its user base, with 75% of Stockimo photographers never having used Alamy before. One in ten of these Stockimo photographers have also gone on to set up an Alamy contributor account and submit camera images.

Stockimo photos sell on Alamy for the same price as photos taken with professional camera equipment. Due to demand from Alamy’s customers, this has seen the average price of mobile photography outperform traditional photography over the past year. The average sale price for Stockimo photos is $60, with some images selling for as much as $1,000.

This is an example of a disruptive app that is helping Alamy to provide its customers with new forms of photography that may differ from what photographers would traditionally upload. It’s helping to bring new users to Alamy’s network and growing its awareness. It’s also helping people to make money out of their mobile photography and we think that’s pretty awesome.

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