This is part one of a three part post about mobile analytics and how you can interact with you customer more effectively with the use of mobile analytics.

Digital analytics have completely transformed what businesses know about their customers and how customers interact with their brands; why should the opportunity on mobile be any different?

Mobile phones know more about us than we do. They know where we’ve been, how long we’ve stayed there, what we’ve done while we’re there and even what we might do based on past behaviour. This may scare some people, but it’s important to understand that the phone is doing this to provide intelligent services that many of us love to use.

Recent statistics by Flurry suggest the average user spends around two hours and 42 minutes using their mobile device each day. Of this, only 22 minutes is spent outside of apps. As has been said many times before, there isn’t a device that is more intimate, or more often used than our smartphones. With 86% of all time on smartphones being spent within apps, the opportunity to get closer to customers has never been greater.

Analytics within apps are a key way of helping to get closer to customers and drive value for businesses. Understanding the trends of how customers interact with a brand, through mobile, helps to deliver a more optimised and personalised experience. Apps need to be relevant and engaging to serve their particular function exceptionally well.

Before even starting creating an app, online analytics help to show whether demand exists, and even the function the app needs to fulfil. It’s important to ask questions such as, how many people are accessing your site from their mobile? Which pages are they visiting most? Which operating system are they using? Which device are they using? What times of day are they accessing information? Is there a drop off during certain times? Is there e-commerce on the website, do mobile users drop off from the process more than desktop users? Are there any interesting trends that can be used to help show how apps can help your business or customers?

The answers to these questions, or others that are more pertinent to your business, will help to reveal whether an app is needed. The app market is a crowded one, so it’s important that anything you create delivers value to the end user. The app needs to be easy to use and offer an experience they can’t get online. Users need to be instantly and constantly engaged. If a company manages to get these elements right and create an app that users use, it is the in-app analytics that can help to unlock the next set of insight for further improvements and business intelligence.

Part two: understanding analytics

Part three: incorporating data driven marketing

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