This week, Apple withdrew some apps from its Chinese App Store, after it was discovered that the developers behind them had been duped into downloading a compromised version of Xcode, named XcodeGhost.

Thanks to the inherent security of iOS and encryption built into the system, the malware had a very limited impact – for example, it wasn’t able to read any sensitive information. Following the revelation, Apple has removed the impacted apps from its Chinese App Store. No apps outside of China have been affected.

Olly Berry, Mubaloo’s Head of iOS, spoke to SC Magazine about the malware and sought to bring some clarity on the impact of the breach.

“The problem was minimal as apps are sandboxed. So even if an app is infected, it will only affect that app and in this case, it was only non-sensitive data that could be read anyway. People who say otherwise are only doing so because it sounds sensational and makes them seem more interesting, even if they’re spreading false information”, said Olly.

To read the full article from SC Magazine, click here.

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