As you may know from reading our blog or knowing about Mubaloo and our MiBeacons division, beacon technology is something that we are passionate about. Therefore, when Google announced Eddystone, we knew it was something worth analysing.

It always made sense that Google would eventually enter the beacon space. In many ways, it’s surprising that Google didn’t get there first. After all, the technology is essentially putting cookies into physical spaces and bringing many of the same technology we use on the web to the physical world. The tracking, advertising, contextual aware potential of the technology made it a Google no-brainer.

Eddystone, inspired by the lighthouse off the British coast, is Google’s entry into this space. According to Google, the company spoke to a number of beacon providers from the US to understand the current limitations of the technology. At the core, Eddystone is designed to be an open format for beacons, supporting multiple frame types and supporting versioning to make introducing new functionality easy.

Read the full text here on Developer Tech.

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