Following the launch of Mubaloo’s new Innovation Lab, Gemma Coles, Mike Crooks and Tom Hallam sat down with Gavin Thompson from the Bristol Post to discuss what Mubaloo Innovation Lab is doing with hyperlocal technologies in the enterprise.

A year ago beacons were being talked about as the next big thing. Apple’s iBeacons are devices placed in a physical location which sends signals that can be picked up by anyone with the right app.

The retail world got rather excited. Beacons would enhance the shopping experience. Restaurants could alert passers-by to today’s special, fashion stores could tell you the price, designer and even place where the garments you were looking at were made.

You might find that useful. You might find it annoying. You might not find it at all as so far it hasn’t taken off. The main hurdle is that for the iBeacon to be able to tell you anything, you have to download an app.

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